Insurance is about the delivery of a promise – to get you and your craft back into the water as soon as possible. That’s why we use our in-house expertise, rather than rely on third-parties, to handle your claim.

You can contact us in a number of ways and as soon as we’re notified of your claim, we’ll endeavour to put things right, using specialist surveyors and repair networks if necessary.

Making a claim:

When it happens

  • 1. If there are other parties involved and/or witnesses, ask them for their contact details
  • 2. If you have a phone or camera to hand, take photos
  • 3. Do not admit liability
  • 4. Contact us

Get in touch

  • Via our claims number 0344 892 1320
  • 24 hour helpline 0117 934 2107
  • Claims fax 0870 156 6378
  • Email
  • Complete a claim form

Choose a Claim Form

Remember to include

  • 1. All loss/damage or incident information
  • 2. Police and crime number (theft/vandalism claims)
  • 3. A written repair estimate or contact us to access our network of repairers

A craft in storage, pending repairs, will be liable for storage charges, so check what they are as we’ll only pay reasonable costs.


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