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Key features of our dinghy insurance

At Towergate Insurance we understand that sailors use their dinghies and multi hulls for different purposes, which is why our insurance4dinghies product lets you choose and pay for the level of dinghy insurance cover which best suits how you use your craft.

If you don’t use your dinghy or multi hull for racing, you can opt for our cheaper and more basic Bronze package. If you do race, but only at club level, you can choose our mid-range Silver package, which offers racing risks cover but at a mid-range price. And, if you’re really into sailing and attend open meetings, nationals and European or World Championships, we offer racing risks cover under our Gold package.

We have an in house claims team ready to answer any queries without passing you from pillar to post.

Policy excess of our dinghy insurance

  • Starting at £35 depending on type of dinghy

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If you use your dinghy as a cruising sailor

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If you are racing at club level

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If you are racing at national or championship level

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Dinghy Glossary

An A-Z explanation on dinghy terms.Find out more >