Below are some of the common questions our teams are asked – if yours isn’t covered, contact one of our advisors.

Can I race with my policy?

If you’ve taken out a Silver or Gold policy, then yes. But be mindful, Silver only covers you for racing at club level, so if you’re entering Open Meetings or National, European and World Championship events, you’ll need to have Gold cover.

I’m not into racing, more of a recreational user at my sailing club, so what cover should I buy?

Opt for Bronze cover – it’s a more basic package with a lower premium.

What about if I’m sailing abroad?

Check with us by calling 0344 892 1987 or e-mail us at boat@towergate.co.uk. Most policies cover use in the inland and coastal waters of the UK and Europe, so ensure you know what they are. If you’re sailing outside of those limits and haven’t notified your insurer, you may not be covered if you have to make a claim.

What happens if my mast breaks as a result of an accident?

We’ll pay for the mast to be replaced but will take off your policy excess.

I’d like to store my boat at my club, is this OK?

Yes, but it must be in a secure environment. Sails, rudders and other equipment must also be stored securely. The cover also applies to a trailer, providing an approved wheel clamp or ball hitch is used to secure it.

Am I covered when transporting my boat from one location to another?

Yes transit cover is included in our Bronze, Silver and Gold policies. We exclude scratching, denting or bruising while your boat is being transported.

While it is in transit your boat must be;

  • Carried on a trailer fit for the purpose and towed by a suitable vehicle: or
  • Fitted in a purpose built cradle and carried by a professional haulier; or
  • Secured or fastened to a vehicle roof rack, provided this is a suitable method of transit for your Boat

What about my personal belongings?

These are covered for up to £350.

Legal Expenses for £5 sounds good – how do I buy this?

There’s an option to add this to your policy, prior to taking it out, or if you already have a policy and would like to take up this offer, contact us online or over the phone.

If I have to make a claim, is it passed to a third-party?

Not at all, we have an in house claims team so we keep everything under one roof. Our aim is to get you back in the water as soon as possible.

If you use your dinghy as a cruising sailor

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Dinghy Glossary

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